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Sixes Pit BMX

       Team Manager: Andy Henderson 

       Canton, GA

Exile Racing Team

       Owner: Bill Davis


Hard Knox BMX Team

       President: Scott Porch


       (856) 963-5803

       Manager: Justin Brunetti

       (203) 982-6030

Rad Dudes BMX Team

       Owners: Tara and Chris Broughton

Cycletherapy BMX Team and

Wrenchman Racing

       Owner:  Zachary Wrenchman Gavin

R.A.D.  Racing Team

       Owners: Brock Craig and 

                     Kelly  MacDonald

Sarge's BMX Team

       Owner: Mike Scott

One7Nine Australia

       Owner: Matt Moore


Support Teams

Bike Shop Team

     Manager: Travis Strack


Northeast Team

     Manager: John Purcupile 



Northwest Team

     Manager: Jeff and Alilshia Allman


Texas Team

     Manager: Bill Davis

South Team

     Manager: Ash Hicks


Australia (NSW)

      Manager: Matt Moore



BlackCrown BMX Teams