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Mission Statement

BlackCrown is an American bicycle frame and parts manufacturer that strives for excellence in performance. Our mission is to create innovative bicycle products that enhance our customers’ riding experience and will help them reach their goals. The creation of BlackCrown was inspired by a lifelong passion for racing BMX. That passion drives us to produce the highest quality products.

Our company continues to focus on our various teams and their development and sponsorship in an effort to keep BMX growing and to help support our riders in achieving their goals and offering opportunities to riders of all ages. Our commitment to our Factory and Support Teams and promoting the sport of BMX drives our aim for a level of performance and manufacturing that will produce top ranking winners every season.

BlackCrown believes that biking creates physically and mentally strong community members and our goal is to support that through coaching, sponsorship and community outreach. We are always open to ideas and questions that will help us achieve these goals.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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